Kevin Milliken has thirty years of executive IT experience as a CIO and Consultant. He has global experience with Staples, Cadence Design Systems, and Accenture. Kevin has led multiple transformations at companies including DIsney, HEB, BAX, Staples Europe, and several others delivering over $200 M in revenue growth and cost reductions.  Kevin resides in the greater Boston area.


Erik Frederick​ has over fifteen years of experience in finance and operations roles in Multi-unit retail and eCommerce companies.  His experience ranges from roll up your sleeves private equity portfolio companies with revenues ranging from highly hands on to $20M to $100m to $700M as well as a world-class Fortune 200 retailer.   Erik is a veteran and resides outside of Boston.


Identifying your path to success

What We Do

Each company is unique. We find the critical X that drives results.  Our experienced senior consulting leaders and network of partners deliver the specific skills required for your organization.

We help businesses focus on the strategic elements that make a Top Line, Bottom Line, and Ability to Respond difference by making change that matters, and change that stick!


Rob Vale  A former CEO who has deep sales, training, marketing, distribution, and general management roles with global companies. His European experience has demonstrated success in a variety of situations. A respected coach, advisor, and instills best practices to give managers skills needed to succeed. Rob lives in the UK.

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Glenn Hershey has thirty-five years of consulting and operational experience. An operations and supply chain leader who combines business operational and technology expertise to  innovate and improve performance. Glenn's  projects range from up-front strategic direction to large hands-on implementation projects. He has global experience with the past 15 years in Asia. Glenn resides in Los Angeles and Cape Town 


​Crafting a plan to take you there

Execute the plan

Minimizing your risks along the way by having experienced professionals driving the program